Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tea with me {with 'teacups too'}

What better time to enjoy a cup of tea than in bed while feeling a tad unwell, mildly hungover, or just deliciously relaxed.
Will you take tea with me on my bed? If you would we'd share cake too of course and this week you'd choose from banana coconut or vanilla-ry polenta loaf. Or if you come this very day it'd be classic chocolate cake we'd munch on (all gluten free of course).  My 'cake-a-week' thing has blown out to three cakes this week but I'm hoping to save some of the chocolate one for Tony's 3rd birthday party on wednesday.*

If you were here this morning sipping with me I would tell you how sleep deprived and sore I am after a crazy busy day yesterday. My sisters Birth House had its grand opening yesterday and it was a big day for her after so much prayer and work and dreaming had gone into it. She'll be a busy home and natural birthing midwife from now on I think even with her three most gorgeous little ones in tow.  It was a proud moment for me seeing such a beautiful space open and all ready for each and every new miracle and to give support for new, old and hopeful Geelong mums.

We dropped the girls to their friend Nate's party and rushed off to my friend Justine's wedding.  Its an understatement to say it was a big day and night for me and now (after drinking no alcohol at all) I'm one hungover little lady!
I'd be sipping lemon and ginger tea. No caffeine for me today after overdosing yesterday just to keep me upright.  What about you? Frothy chai brewed from scratch on the stovetop? Or a simple English Breakfast? I know I know, those of you who have already come for tea are nervously wondering if I've finally stocked some cows milk instead of just the lovely fresh goats, or the creamy bonsoy... Well, actually..... do you mind black tea? But truly I promise that next time I'll have milk for you. :)

Another week has flown by hasn't it? Its nearly Easter and school holidays and autumn leaves against cool blue skies.... More tea drinking, a little bit of boot wearing, windy afternoons and shorter days.  
Autumn brings with it an 8 year old birthday for us and Blake and I will turn ten in late May (Eek, still not organised for the long awaited he-and-me time).
What about you? What are you looking forward to in Autumn?

I've just made a big creamy potato and leek soup to send with Blake to church this afternoon. Of course I had a mug full myself and it was so yummy and warm I am now officially ready for the soup-season.  I may have to switch to a-pot-of-soup-a-week instead of cakes, a much healthier option and far handier as easy meal substitutes than baked goodies!

So yes count me in for soup and crusty bread at your house Em and thanks again for the tea date (link) :)

*Tony is Harper's much loved teddy bear. We decided he was indeed due for a birthday soon and she insisted he was to turn 3.  We have planned his party, sent out invitations to his three lala loopsy friends, and will be playing birthday celebrations on our day off together this week. Of course she is super duper excited!


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  1. Oh my goodness, I think I would have to be cheeky and ask for the smallest slice of each cake going, they each sound delicious and I'd wash it down with a chai thank you. Maybe we could extend the tea to lunch and sample a bit of that potato and leek soup you have made, you know, just to make sure it's perfect :)

    Isn't this year going by crazy fast? The weeks are flying by.

    I trained as a Midwife in NZ and a few class mates and I had the dream of opening a birthing centre very similar to your sisters one. I am sure her Birth Home will be well received.