Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tea with me {and cake too}

If you were to tea with me this week you'd most definitely have to come in the morning.  Our cooling system is yet to be reset and this never-ending heat wave reaches its daily climax by 12pm. You'd find me hot and a little bothered but  bright and cheery enough and dying to sit for a cuppa and a chat with you.

As you walk through from the front door you'll be delighted with the bright and airy space beyond the wide panelled hallway. You might perch on a bar stool while I fluff about in the kitchen and you'll look around you at how open and spacious it is in our new living space. You'll see a few boxes, some half finished projects and bare walls and spaces but you'll like what you see (I hope).
I'd make a pot of tea for us both and we'd sip icey cold water while we wait for it to brew. And of course you'd HAVE to try my earl grey tea cake. Its almost finished and I'll have to fight the urge to bake the same cake so I can try something new for this weeks cake-a-week.

I'm wondering how you are managing in this heat. With school and kindy runs and daily errands and no relief in sight it can be so exhausting. Are you coping ok?

We have just had two gorgeous days at the beach.  We pretended we were away camping (it was too hot to actually camp we decided) and we skipped church and other weekend commitments, packed the esky and hit the waves, just the four of us. It was truly the first time spent together in months and it felt so good. A weight has shifted from my shoulders and I feel like I have my husband and life partner back. He's been so busy renovating our house for so long now. Its not finished yet, but he needs a break and he needs to be with his kids and they with him.  

So I'll tell you how grateful I feel right now. Filled to the brim with gratitude. And relief too. I feel more rested and more inspired.  I might tell you though, how I've felt so spiritually dry for the last few months. I might even ask you to pray for me.  With all the busyness of moving in and out of different places, christmas and the new year starting I've let distractions settle in, I formed unhelpful habits, things like watching (more) catch-up TV which I began using to help survive the stress and loneliness without Blake around.  I've let mindless distractions crowd out my most important relationship.

And now I can't just pop it on my to-do list along with all the housey jobs.

        To do:
        -paint stools
        -make curtains for cubby
        -catch up with God and work harder at being His friend.....

Nope. Thankfully I don't have to try harder or even try to find Him and hope He's still my friend. I simply have to fall into His arms and rest in Him. Then ask Him to help me depend more on Him.
But I do have to set aside time and make time spent reading His word and prayer a priority. Not for His approval but for my own survival and my own joy and to honour Him.

I'd want to know how you find time for Him. Do you remember to pray continually?  Or if you don't believe like I do, from where do you draw strength? Whom do you lean on and where do you find your hope? I'm interested, and I'd love to know.

Thankyou for coming. You've inspired and encouraged me as always. I can't wait for our next heart-to-heart.

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  1. Oh those sneaky habits are so naughty, the tv watching, and the drowning out any sort of emotion to avoid thinking or feeling. I am guilty of that anyway. I have been listening to Colour Sisterhood podcasts, and finding that helps keep my heart in tune with His during the day.
    I have been finding myself talking to Him quietly here and there too, but I am struggling with actually sitting down to read and spend quality time... there is always something else to do!!
    Praying for you my sweet twinsie sis, with her kettle, and salties, and crochet blanket ;) xx

    1. Yep those are the ones exactly! Sometimes even the podcasts can easily take place of the real one on one stuff and I'm guilty of getting 'fat' on sermons and teaching and theology...all great stuff unless I forget to balance it out with living it and being ok with failing it and coming to Him for daily strength!
      I'm obsessed with my Les Mis book at the mo, how can that be a bad thing!? :) Thanks for your prayers lovely, yours is the sweetest comment ever, makes me tingle all over with gladness. I might just click on over to the latest Colour messages today. I pray uni is amazing today! (I think its today) xx

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