Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A double long black and I'm back {for today}

Well hello there!

If you can see through the layers of dust covering my Little Golden Nook blog world, you could picture me lounging on my favourite summer spot (no, not our dreamy nook, its too hot for that) on our bed upstairs, my favourite cool retreat.  I’m typing(!) And I may just post whatever I find on the page once I'm done.

I haven’t blogged for over six months now. I don’t really feel like explaining why, I want to get straight to my reason for my current state of wordi-ness.

But I’ll briefly explain because its important and real afterall…

Back in May last year an amazing, seemingly wise-beyond-her-years friend in our Church small group tragically lost her darling one year old in a sudden home accident. Little Charlotte didn’t die straight away but clung to life for a few short hours in emergency before she went to be with Jesus.

As you can only imagine this accident utterly devastated my friend, her husband and their little Peter. It rocked our wonderful church family to the core and caused many other churches and families in Geelong to cry and pray and reach out towards the family.

Through all of their brokenness and questioning ‘why?’ this small family were strong and certain in their hope and faith in God and this encouraged hundreds of people whilst all they wanted was Charlotte back with them.

Their hope encouraged me too. But I think the shock and sadness of it all knocked me into an early winter depression (I struggle more with reactive depression in winter).  At the same time I was (extra) weary from being heavily involved in a new Church Plant and trying to hold on to enthusiasm for teaching RE as well as worry about our four year old who wasn’t yet thriving at kindergarten.

On top of that our computer spat it and refused to upload any of my gazillions of photos anymore so it seemed it was the end of blog-land for me.  I left it behind and got on with our busy year.

Between then and now I have had a couple of sweet encouraging comments that have tempted me to play on here again. My fabulously stylish, super-kind, teacher-of-the-decade, shoe-loving new friend Anna gave me a confidence boost with her too-high-praise, and I did hear that a friend of a friend might have been encouraged a little in her own journey with illness and creative wanderings.  Not to mention my sweet handful of bloggy friends who I’ve missed so much.

But my inspiration for today’s chat is far more superficial. Well it doesn’t stem from deep emotions coming from my ‘Kidney’(Hebrew word), but it IS related to my ‘inmost being’* (the definition of said Hebrew word) in a way…….

(Sorry, that may have been a disturbingly confusing sentence that only a couple of you may understand.)

I’ve mentioned before that I benefit from doing coffee enemas for liver cleansing and well general cleansing of the ‘inner parts’.

My daily enemas have become almost my favourite time of day. I enjoy ‘children’s bedtime hour’ just as much.

Well today I’m particularly sore and ‘hungover’ and thought I’d try two coffee enemas only an hour apart. Of course I use only the best fresh oganic coffee beans and follow these Gerson Therapy instructions closely.

  I’ve taken to inviting our new pet Twinkle to join me upstairs for the process. She keeps me company and isn’t tempted to sniff around my nether-regions like I soon found Scout our dog was when she was too small to leave alone downstairs.

So Twinkle the budgie patiently stands guard while I relax with my phone – I try to restrict myself to my bible and MARSHILL apps only during this time -  and let the freshly boiled brew do its thing.  The result of today’s first ever second enema is what you are now reading (though the effect is wearing off and I’m wishing I never started such a long and probably boring story). Too much caffeine in the blood stream plus a child-free afternoon and a tired, sore body equals an more-than-usual wired brain and a sudden urge to share!

Twinkle standing guard in our bathroom

It is truly great to be back though :)

*Psalm 139