Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tea and cake

Before we moved home I decided in this little hard working brain of mine that I would not just have a vast array of tea on offer for those who care to visit and stay a while, but I would endeavour to always have fresh cake in the pantry, fridge or oven to share with one and all.

Because tea and cake are just so perfect for one another and I really want them to be best friends around here, along with aprons and smiles.

So I'm starting today with my 'cake-a-week' challenge, and of course I am not starting with a simple chocolate or butter cake.  I'll save the carrot cake and my favourite apple tea cake for another week.  I'm starting out with an Earl Grey Tea Cake, my first ever and I'm a little bit excited because it is gluten free which suits me and my littlest to a tea! And I just LOVE earl grey tea.

I've used a recipe from here but changed it to suit my Thermomix so I'll share it with you so you can share tea and cake with me wherever you are.

You will need:
               300g of brown rice 
               150g chickpeas (for garbanzo or besan flour)
               1/2 Tbsp baking soda
               1/2 tsp sea salt
               2/3 cup canola oil
               1-1/2 cups brewed Earl Grey tea 
               1/2 Tbsp + 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
               1-1/2 cups pure maple syrup (I used 1 cup because one bottle only had a cup in it!

I know, there are no eggs or chia seeds in it! My cake is cooking as I type so I am a little worried that I'll be sharing a failed recipe with you, but isn't it great for those with allergies? No dairy either.

So wiz up the brown rice on speed 9 for 30 seconds and set aside. Then mill your chickpeas in the same way (definitely block your ears for this one!)
Add the remaining dry ingredients and mix gently on speed 4.

Mix all of your wet ingredients in a separate bowl and then combine in the thermomix and mix together on speed 5, scraping down now and then. It may take a minute or so.

I noticed two things.
The mixture is very runny! Fingers crossed.
It is an expensive cake to make! I used a whole bottle of pure organic maple syrup and I was ½ a cup short.

Pour into a lined loaf tin and cook on 170 C for an hour or until it springs back when you touch the top.

Once your gorgeous smelling cake has cooled, enjoy it with your favourite tea.

Verdict:  My cake is extra super delicious and perfectly moist and springy! Its too sweet for me even with only a cup of maple syrup, but perfect for my little people. So definitely cut back to one cup or less.
I can't wait to serve some to my friends this week, esp. my earl grey-loving friend Kellie 


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