Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at the farm

Two families were missing but we still had a lovely christmas day at Mum and Dad's in Mount Duneed this year.  Nine of the eleven grandkids enjoyed an afternoon of play and food and gifts. My two younger brothers and their wives couldn't make it but we hardly noticed and there was more prawns for us! (ho ho Dan and Steve!)

Dad was a very jolly 'aussie' Santa 


Grandad was being very jolly

Grandma had organised a nursery rhyme treasure hunt for the bigger kids that had them running all over the property

 Last stop, into the milking shed to find MORE presents

Baby Jesus in a manger, on a hay bale nearby

Lots of cuddles for everyone

I may need to go and suck up to the otherwise friendly goats after scaring them with the santa hat

Dad's favourite, little Belvedere

His second favourites, nearly all of the grandkids with Grandma too

Thanks Mum and Dad for a relaxing, fun Christmas


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A special gift for a winning friend

Its 'Star-bombing'-winner-announcing time!!

We spent today bombing strangers' homes to send a little unexpected cheer which was so fun.

But only my gorgeous friends got a little number for the prize draw tonight.  Before I announce the winner I'll show you the prize. To keep the handmade theme I've decided to give the winner the choice of three of my regular creations......

1) Three Photo Blocks with your choice of photos (8cm x 8cm each)

OR,  2) Set of 6 crochet coasters (your choice of colour), see also the pile below (though I can do any colour)....

Or,  3) Two crocheted jar cosies (with jars), perfect for tea lights or any candle

either Solomon's knot style......

.......Or Shell Stitch style


I can't help myself, I HAVE to draw TWO winners instead one because one out of 21 just isn't enough! And because I have two daughters who will argue if they don't both get to draw one.


Winner #1 is:



winner #2 is:


I do have most(I forgot a few!) of the names written down next to each number but I'll wait for the winners to find out on here (I'm unsure who 19 is...oops). Leave a comment telling me which gift you'd like my lovelies! 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Project 'Star-Bomb Geelong'

Its been an extra starry Christmas this season! The girls and I have been busy making salt dough stars, german paper stars, stars from iceypole sticks and twigs from trees, four different patterns of crochet stars, gingerbread stars.......

I got myself a bit addicted to this beautiful crochet star pattern and all of a sudden I'd created a lovely pile of them, and was hatching a silly season plan....

I thought it'd be fun to share my stars with everyone. I could use them as gift tags, but I hadn't planned or budgeted to buy gifts for that many people. So I decided they'd make lovely little decorations just as they were and I could drop them off as a little surprise for my friends, a little bit of starry, handmade love for their homes. 

So the Project Star-Bomb Geelong idea was born in my over-active mind and here's what happened.....

Jo's house 

Sarah's home with her very retro up cycled tie wreath I helped her make last year

...And on her branch

Tanya's lovely home

Adele's front door

 At Neesha's house x 

I got sprung by Heidi and kids while trying to bomb her with what I thought was stealth 

At Kellie's home I heard her teenage boys yelling and play-fighting inside while she was at work. It sounded a bit like a party Kel.... :)

These stars are off to Cairns for some very special people

The bombing continues....... 

I'll be back soon with more, and a handmade prize for a lucky winner


Thursday, December 13, 2012

A tree for small spaces

Well, we are still in our small apartment space waiting patiently (mostly) for our renovations to be completed.

So no beautiful rambling christmas tree for us this year, no spreading out the old wooden ladder to decorate like last year. There's not even room for our small, spindly fake tree......

I thought my handmade Advent Calendar below would have to suffice for a tree.  But we've come up with something a little more... tree-like. No thats not the word, its, well, its portable at least. And 3D...

I made this paper star a couple of months ago and its been stuck on this window since.  The window is the ONLY free 'wall' space in the place so the tree has to go here.....

Before the tree, I'd crocheted a star garland and cut out the letters of 'Unto us a child is born' for the window too.  I think the letters need to find a new home now....

I salvaged some wooden sticks from our job site and tied the three together, then rested the 'tree' on its 'trunk', another salvaged block of wood.

I found some more vintage baubles ( last years finds are packed away) at an Opp(Thrift) Shop and made a very simple felt garland inspired by Em at teacups too. My version had to be hand-sewn with pale blue embroidery thread as my little sewing machine is also MIP (missing in packed-tion)

Yesterday my little Miss 4 and I visited our gorgeous friends at their little suburban farmhouse in Grovedale. I just loved seeing their huge freshly cut pine christmas tree through the window as we drove up, and the smell inside was wonderful!  We added some handmade love to their tree, had a fun time chatting and playing over fruit and truffles......... and left promising ourselves that next year, back in our home, we'll get a real tree and celebrate having space!!

I linked up with Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick for her Christmas Tree link party for this post.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One sick day in december

Sick days are a regular deal for me. Having been unwell with CFS/ME for 12 years I've become pretty good at facing full days on my own while the world seems to go on without me.  I'm still not so good at avoiding the sicker days by acknowledging ALL of my limitations. But I am better at making the most of them.

If I can create something new and find the beauty in my day in simple things, if I can accept my state, let go of what was meant to be and allow my mind and body to recover, to rest in Him I'm content.

Sunday just past, Blake was working and a friend took the girls to church and for a play in the afternoon.  I made a wreath and crocheted some jar cosies for christmas gifts.

And when the family return home at the end of the day I have a little energy in reserve to enjoy cuddles.
Sunday night was spent finishing Les Miserables with Malya, our 7 year old. What beautiful story of grace.

And she read to me from The Magic Faraway Tree

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
― John Calvin

Friday, December 7, 2012


Our girls have been bouncing out of bed each day to open the Advent envelope for the day. They are excited to see what treat or idea Mummy has popped in there (the night before as I am not an organised person!), and in each they expect the next chapter of their story bible to be read or to read to each other.

 December 8. {I folded 24 little envelopes from vintage Little Golden Book scraps and pegged them to twine strung up with washi tape}

They go to sleep excited and wake with anticipation.  Their precious minds hope for a sugary treat or a small gift to bring joy that lasts a whole morning.  Each story they read from the Jesus Storybook Bible points to the coming of the King.  Each chapter anticipates the arrival of a small baby who is unfathomably more amazing than Santa or toys. So as we read through this book within the month of December, leading up to the 25th we count down and build excitement and anticipation of the deep deep beauty and joy of Christmas.  And as the girls receive small treats along the way, their anticipation builds for a day of bigger treats!

I used this simple Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Calendar to cut into strips and pop in each envelope.

Recently I found this advent reading list on Pinterest and was drawn to it because in the silliness of the season, the stress and child-centeredness of it all I forget to stop and revel in the Joy and truly feel the peace and meaning of the arrival of the only perfect Rescuer.

I've been meditating on Isaiah 11, trying to memorise it because its so beautiful.

I love being reminded of some of the OT passages where the birth of Jesus is predicted so accurately. It really helps me read the narrative of His birth in the gospels with fresh eyes.

And this particular passage from Isaiah is so full of hope!

Verse 10 - 'In that day the root of Jesse, who shall stand as a signal for the peoples- of him shall the nations inquire, and his resting place shall be glorious.'

We all anticipate things we can plan and touch and see. But for me, if I haven't collapsed from exhaustion beforehand, I do afterwards and I am all too aware with my limitations that the gifts and food and fun don't last and I'll get things wrong and my health will fail along the way.  But anticipating something so much bigger, more spectacular, something lasting........ Its sort of easier I think.