Sunday, March 17, 2013

My {little golden nook} and some weekday creating

Can you hear my big Sunday night sigh?

The week is done and a fresh one begins tomorrow. I can't even remember why its been such a busy week. Harper has been sick and I now suspect a UTI, the poor poppit. Our 'Maisy' had her first ever sleepover party. We've all gone from forever hot and sleepless, to cold and just a little crazy.

And we ticked a few things off our 'finishing touches' (long) list...

:: Our little reading/cuddling nook is almost complete

:: My current favourite homey book 'Granny Chic' by Tif and Rachelle, best read IN the nook

:: I finally sewed together my vintage hankie curtain for the cubby shelf (there was such joy all around when we found my 'lost in transition' sewing machine this weekend)

:: A fun lamp upcycle project for Miss M's room

:: Every day is a crafty day for little H plus evidence that all is far from perfect here with boxes still to unpack

:: A 'tea and cake date' in the cubby was a big event for the stay-at-home two



  1. Eek, your house is looking A.MAY.ZING!
    I want to curl up in that nook. So gorgeous and light, everywhere!! xo

  2. Sorry lovely lady, I'm busy playing catch up :)
    Oh my! I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous your home is. That little nook with it's mason jar light is perfection..I imagine it will get a lot of love. As for all of the other pics...just WOW!!