Sunday, December 16, 2012

Project 'Star-Bomb Geelong'

Its been an extra starry Christmas this season! The girls and I have been busy making salt dough stars, german paper stars, stars from iceypole sticks and twigs from trees, four different patterns of crochet stars, gingerbread stars.......

I got myself a bit addicted to this beautiful crochet star pattern and all of a sudden I'd created a lovely pile of them, and was hatching a silly season plan....

I thought it'd be fun to share my stars with everyone. I could use them as gift tags, but I hadn't planned or budgeted to buy gifts for that many people. So I decided they'd make lovely little decorations just as they were and I could drop them off as a little surprise for my friends, a little bit of starry, handmade love for their homes. 

So the Project Star-Bomb Geelong idea was born in my over-active mind and here's what happened.....

Jo's house 

Sarah's home with her very retro up cycled tie wreath I helped her make last year

...And on her branch

Tanya's lovely home

Adele's front door

 At Neesha's house x 

I got sprung by Heidi and kids while trying to bomb her with what I thought was stealth 

At Kellie's home I heard her teenage boys yelling and play-fighting inside while she was at work. It sounded a bit like a party Kel.... :)

These stars are off to Cairns for some very special people

The bombing continues....... 

I'll be back soon with more, and a handmade prize for a lucky winner



  1. What a lovely idea, very generous of you :) And i must say, your friends all have very pretty front doors & gorgeous wreaths!

  2. That is such a brilliant idea, I love it. Those crochet stars are very cute..thanks for including the link.

    Tammi x