Friday, December 7, 2012


Our girls have been bouncing out of bed each day to open the Advent envelope for the day. They are excited to see what treat or idea Mummy has popped in there (the night before as I am not an organised person!), and in each they expect the next chapter of their story bible to be read or to read to each other.

 December 8. {I folded 24 little envelopes from vintage Little Golden Book scraps and pegged them to twine strung up with washi tape}

They go to sleep excited and wake with anticipation.  Their precious minds hope for a sugary treat or a small gift to bring joy that lasts a whole morning.  Each story they read from the Jesus Storybook Bible points to the coming of the King.  Each chapter anticipates the arrival of a small baby who is unfathomably more amazing than Santa or toys. So as we read through this book within the month of December, leading up to the 25th we count down and build excitement and anticipation of the deep deep beauty and joy of Christmas.  And as the girls receive small treats along the way, their anticipation builds for a day of bigger treats!

I used this simple Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Calendar to cut into strips and pop in each envelope.

Recently I found this advent reading list on Pinterest and was drawn to it because in the silliness of the season, the stress and child-centeredness of it all I forget to stop and revel in the Joy and truly feel the peace and meaning of the arrival of the only perfect Rescuer.

I've been meditating on Isaiah 11, trying to memorise it because its so beautiful.

I love being reminded of some of the OT passages where the birth of Jesus is predicted so accurately. It really helps me read the narrative of His birth in the gospels with fresh eyes.

And this particular passage from Isaiah is so full of hope!

Verse 10 - 'In that day the root of Jesse, who shall stand as a signal for the peoples- of him shall the nations inquire, and his resting place shall be glorious.'

We all anticipate things we can plan and touch and see. But for me, if I haven't collapsed from exhaustion beforehand, I do afterwards and I am all too aware with my limitations that the gifts and food and fun don't last and I'll get things wrong and my health will fail along the way.  But anticipating something so much bigger, more spectacular, something lasting........ Its sort of easier I think.


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