Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tea with me

I have to be frank. It would really be so unlikely that you could tea with me this week! I'd have booked it in no problem and been excited to see you, to show you my home and chat again.  But I'm so utterly exhausted now and I'm not sure I'd be much company.....

And where would we sit? There are half emptied boxes everywhere and the girls have strewn long lost treasures across every surface and chair.
And did I mention how weary and sleep deprived I am?

But I really do need a cuppa and would so love to see you.......
...and I have an idea.

Lets have tea upstairs on my bed.
Its light and clean (the bed that is, not the room...yet) and I can lay back and be sure of stringing full sentences together because my blood flow is even while i'm horizontal.
After we've chatted and sipped tea I'll feel better, I know I will because you'll empathise and encourage and I'll be able to see past myself again. Our little ones will run and play and explore all the new hiding spots and the cubby outside and we'd likely not see them at all as there is so much to do.
I'd want to know how you are and what you've been up to. 
I'll tell you the past week is a bit of a blur but the feeling of being home again on Saturday was my highpoint.  I truly felt like a caged bird being freed. The relief was immense.

Before you leave I will show you around and point out the little bits of loveliness that have already popped up to make me glad. Handmade touches or forgotten treasures I've displayed. You'll see how far we have to go to be settled but you'll get a sense of what home will be like for us in time. Never perfect of course. Hopefully always real and often lovely.

It really is good to see you again. Thankyou for sitting at my bedside for a spell.

Thanks Em for being the best host of this fun tea-linky



  1. I love tea-ing with you, regardless of exhaustion, or mess or whatever!
    And your new home looks full to the brim of beauty... but I can so relate to the "oh goodness there is too much to do!" feeling of moving and settling - it's very VERY fresh in my memory. And I may still have a box or two not yet unpacked! xxx

  2. Sandra, your bed looks like the perfect spot for a cup of tea. I am loving seeing all these little snippets of your home, it just looks so beautiful.
    I hope you are feeling more settled soon and that you manage to get some much needed R&R.