Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tea with me

If you would tea with me today you'd find me upstairs in a teeny tiny flat above Blake's parents garage. You'd see lots of organised clutter about in every corner and tell-tale signs of the morning rush here and there, breakfast dishes stacked or a stray nightie tucked into a couch.

But its light up here, and there is a pretty view of Newtown. I have every kind of tea you could want, and if you are happy to take me as I am, imperfect but oh so happy to see you, you'll feel right at home.

I'd love to hear all about you and about your day thus far.  What has inspired you or made you sad lately? What have you been dreaming about?

I'll tell you how excited I am to finally move home again soon, to settle and give my girls some space to call their own. To have our own backyard and front yard and garden and to have my own kitchen.  There would be a hint of desperation in my voice because its been so long living out of suitcases and feeling misplaced and waiting and hoping.  I'd try very hard not to complain about the weariness of it all because in the scheme of things there is nothing really to complain about.

You'd see that despite it all I'm happy and grateful and you'd see signs of life and creativity all around me, signs that we can make a home anywhere as long as we have each other, some natural light, tea and pretty things made or found.

I'd so love to hear about your little ones if you have them, and I'd be even happier to see them. Though we have no 'boy' toys I'm sure our small people would be happy to play or draw or giggle over one of my special, secretly healthy chocolate balls.

If we talk books I'll tell you I'm working my way through Victor Hugo's Les Miserables and that it may well take me all year to get through but how determined I am to finish.  If you are from another state or country I'd love to hear about your climate and your favourite season.  I'll tell you how much I dread winter here in Victoria and how the ONLY good thing about it is it brings more opportunities to drink tea. 

I'll tell you I'm a little sad because my 7 year old tells me that no one in her class likes her this year and she feels left out. I know it will pass but it still breaks my heart.

I'm sure you'd cheer me up and empathise with your own feelings, and before you leave we would book in another tea date in a few weeks at my home, maybe even a tea-in-the-nook date.  (or coffee, of course)

Thanks so much for coming.  You've cheered me no end.
Thankyou gorgeous Em from Teacups Too for hosting this fun link.



  1. I LOVED this post Sandra! It's so lovely getting to know you over a cuppa (I would have chosen chai today, I think!) and my girls would have been right at home playing with all your girlie toys.
    So glad you'll have your own space before you know it, I can't wait to see some sneaky peeks soon!
    Oh, and if we were to talk books I'd be mighty impressed with your determination with Les Mis, and I'd tell you I've just finished reading Hardy's Jude The Obscure, which I really enjoyed and I'm looking forward to reading the others on my Lit unit booklist this semester! :)
    Much love, thank you so much for linking up - looking forward to more cuppas soon! ;) xxx

    1. Oh Jude the Obscure, I haven't read it but have been keen to see the movie 'Jude' and from what I've heard the story is quite dark and tragic. Well done reading it, I studied English at Uni for Teaching and always wished I'd done Lit too. Yay for you doing study amongst everything else! xo

  2. i enjoyed tea-ing with you Sandra :) Hopefully it won't be much longer until you're back in your own place. I'd agree with you about Victorian winters and i'm sure our 7 year old daughters would make instant friends! And i just love your crocheted coasters - so pretty :)

  3. I loved this, it was beautiful :-) Ben and I have also embarked on Les Mis, I think we'll finish in a few years but it's such a great read. x

    1. I am almost through volume 4 of Les Mis Dee and loving it! I am on librovox though incase thats cheating (I hope not)
      I was thinking, why don't you link up to 'tea with me' this week!? Starts tomorrow some time on 'Teacups Too' blog with Em my lovely christian IG friend from Perth. I would so love to tea with you! Literally, would be so good one day too! xx

  4. Oh I think tea with you would be most delightful Sandra. I know I'd likely ask a million questions about your renovations and be keen to see the end result.
    I would happily share my NZ upbringing with you and I wouldn't be shy in coming forward and saying that I don't miss the winters there but so long for them when we are experiencing a scorching summer here.
    I'm sure we would natter on about our crafty endeavours too :)

  5. I'm drinking tea right now and imagining that I'm there with you as I read this. This is such a lovely post. There's so much truth in everything you write.