Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Autumn crocheting :: Fingerless gloves

I get so cold so easily in winter. But I don't like having the central heating blasting like the husband does, it makes me feel more tired and uncomfortable.  So I tend to wear scarves and fingerless gloves around the house throughout the 'cosy' months.  In the past I have LOVED and still covet these cuties from a favourite local store run by our friends Joel, Rach and Jane.  But after the big reno we are still paying Tom, Dick and Harry for various unexpected necessities (blinds, painting etc) SO I decided to get to making my own!
I tentatively used this pattern and was very happy with the result! They are different from my F&D faves but short of quickly re-learning to knit or asking my mum to knit me some this was my best option.
 As usual I got myself a bit addicted and am about to start my 5th pair.  I was worried that they wouldn't be very warm with the gaps in the pattern but I've been wearing them heaps and they are super warm and perfect for all day wear (although mine smell faintly of onion after cooking dinner with them on tonight).


I think I might sell them for some extra cash :) Thats if I get beyond making them for gifts first!

Next project: A warm and snuggly crocheted scarf.....



  1. These are priceless!! I might have to make some, the stitch is so beautiful. No wonder you got addicted :)

  2. So cute! Think I will give this pattern a go! Xx

  3. These are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  4. Where can I find the link to the pattern please?

  5. First as a beginner you have to learn the tricks of the trade, once learned these abbreviations and terms become so very easy. mycrochetpattern.com

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  7. The alternate stitch is done on a multiple of two chains plus two for turning. Begin by making a chain the length you need, turn it, and after skipping three chains (the turning chain), make two single crochet in the next chain (or stitch, in later rows). mycrochetpattern.com