Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Golden Books {in every Nook and cranny}

Do you collect things? Little treasures that mean something to you from childhood or from places you've been or things you simply find pretty?

I collect vintage teacups and linen and pretty, old or useful things. I have a small collection of seaglass.  I collect crocheted cup cosies and classic novels.  But by far my largest collection is my 'stash' of vintage Little Golden Books. I have over 300 in my keeping, some battered or coverless, perfect for preserving through crafty skill, some extra old and precious, and some we just love to read and admire.  Harper has her own collection of twenty odd 'first little golden books', the small ones, and we have a decent pile of giant ones now too.  The earliest copies are from the early 1940's and the earlier they are dated the more beautiful and saturated the pictures are.

Its no wonder you can find a Little Golden Book or a salvaged picture from one in nearly every nook and cranny in my home.

You'll notice I particularly love the Little Golden Books that are illustrated by Eloise Wilkin and I'd like to think I own 85% of these.  I fell in love with her illustrations as a child and when the girls were born I found them comforting in a way.  But there are so many others I love just as much.

Some other favourites:

Outside my window
Susie's new stove
My little golden book about God
Good-bye Tonsils
The Lively Little Rabbit
Snow White and Rose Red
The Christmas Story
The kitten who thought he was a mouse
The wait for me kitten.........

Do you have a favourite Little Golden Book? What do you collect?



  1. I can well relate to being surrounded by vintage treasures Sandra. I've been a collector of beautiful things since I was a little girl and collect many of the same things you do.
    Eloise's are by far my favourite illustrations too, they are just so sweet. I don't like cutting into my LGB's unless I have a double or they have been very preloved, that said, I have loved the bunting I have made from them.

    Your love of LGB's is very evident in this post :)


    1. Oh you've made an LGB bunting too! :) I totally agree you can only cut up the doubles as they are too beautiful. I can see you are a collector of lovely things and am often envious of your gorgeous vintage linen collection. Although its much better for you to have them with your great sewing skills.....one day I might be better at sewing :) We do have so much in common you know, I do hope I can come and visit you one day. Until then I'm glad we found each other xo