Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slow beginnings

I'm oh so slowly learning how to set up my blog, all the while wondering if I'll stick with it and actually go public. Meanwhile I can happily imagine I have an audience and pretend blog just like little miss 4 plays pretend mums and dads with her cousins, completely oblivious to the trials of parenthood. Is keeping a blog a trial at times? I imagine it must be. Putting your thoughts and musings and well, life out there for others to see and judge or even admire or relate cannot not go without its hiccups or even heartbreak. I'll keep pretending for now.

After enjoying so many beautiful blogs out there I've become both inspired and simultaneously daunted about the process of blogging. I don't think I'd ever bothered to read someone else's blog until I met some amazing like-minded friends on Instagram and became curious about them and encouraged by their faith and creativity as being a source of inspiration as they work hard as wives and mums and friends! (This is where I insert links to these blogs, if only I knew how, and I have tried!)  But instead of being daunted by these beautiful women I am going to choose to be encouraged by them and enjoy my own beginning and see where it leads.........

I think I'll do it Winnie the Pooh style:

While I do that I'll leave you with this picture of part of a crochet star garland I recently made because Christmas is fast approaching. Why this picture? Simply because I can AND because the colours match this post! :)

'Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."'     - C. S Lewis


  1. Sandra,
    Thanks for stopping by Taking Time To Create to check out my Instagram post. I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier (I've had some crazy days since you commented Thursday), but I'm glad you got it figured out!

    Oh, and here's a link that will help you insert links to other blogs in your blog posts:

    If you're looking to grow your audience, link parties are a good place to start. Ashley from "Mommy by Day Crafter By Night" explains it well here: She doesn't have a link party anymore, but most bloggers have a page with a list of parties they go to (mine is here:

    Hope that helps a little with your blogging adventure and god luck!

  2. Oh thanks so much Erin, I'll check these links out. I appreciate you getting back to me! x