Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Golden Books

If you liked my crochet star garland from the last post there is a great tutorial on how to make them here. (The Royal Sisters is a personal favourite crochet blog of mine.)  A big thanks to Erin from Taking time to create who kindly showed me how to link to other sites. :) I might go a bit 'link-crazy' in this post just to show off!

So why the obsession with Little Golden Books?

Ever since I can remember I've loved Eloise Wilkin's round faced illustrations in children's books, mostly in Little Golden Books.  When my mum gave me a copy of 'My Little Golden Book about God' when our little Miss 7 was born I remembered how much I love the faces of the children and the beautiful colors and themes in this book and others like it.

When miss 4 was born I needed a journal to write my letters to her the same as I'd been writing to her big sister since her birth. I used this picture from the book (yes, this was the first time I committed the crime of cutting up a valued book. eek) after I covered it with fabric and have since been writing her life down for her to give to her when she's older.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I found I suddenly had a little more time and energy to develop my creative side. I've always loved decorating my home with handmade paintings, fabric and ornaments and being resourceful and creative rather than buying everything new. Having two girls has brought out my girly side and has only encouraged my love of Eloise Wilkin and other delightful faces of Little Golden Book illustrators.  I particularly loved and still love 'My Teddy Bear' and I came up with the idea to use the pictures to display on the wall in the girls' play area for a vintage feel but also to preserve and accentuate these beautiful pictures. I mounted them on different sizes of MDF wood and simply blue tacked them to the wall about their vintage school desk!

That was the beginning of my/our (my vintage-loving-friend Sarah jumped on board to make creating more fun and share my passion for LGBs) process of 'rescuing' the beautiful vintage pages form tattered LGBs and preserving them on wood in the form of brooches, necklaces, wooden blocks, magnets and other fun things.

My love of Eloise Wilkin and Corrine Malvern for their ability to bring to life adorable children on the pages of books has extended to so many other LGBs both rare and common, the older the better, the more saturated the illustration the more admired. As much as possible I read them to the girls (they ARE on display all over the place at home and readily able to be grabbed in a quiet moment) and they happily read them to one another and beg me not to cut up their favourites.  I can honestly say that we only cut up double or triples or poor quality books :)

Now Sarah and I sell our wooden upcycled wares at Markets around Geelong and even Melbourne.  It helps that my husband is a Builder and hers is a Painter, so they are able to find and cut the wood for us  so we can focus on cutting, gluing, sanding, lacquering, packaging..... and crocheting (for me). Oh and oppshopping (thrifting) for vintage LGBs which Sarah has an amazing talent for!

I could post a hundred more pictures of other creations and books but I'll leave it here and have a cup of tea!

Whats your favourite Little Golden Book? 


  1. I'm a follower of yours on Instagram & have been admiring your Little Golden Book creations for a while now! Do you sell them online anywhere? Seeing the lovely golden spines of these books always makes me feel a little nostalgic with wonderful childhood memories of these books :) Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Thanks Malea! Whats your IG name? We have semi-set up an Etsy store (Little Golden Treasures) but haven't got very far with it and focus more on markets. We really should get it going properly for those far away friends :)

  3. My IG name is msmalea. I look forward to browsing the etsy store!

  4. I too would love to know if you sell your gorgeous creations?
    I had the whole collection as a child and my mum gave them away. As an adult, I'm devasted. X