Sunday, November 25, 2012

A handmade Christmas

I love love love November!! The weather is warming up (yes, even in Victoria), the roses are blooming, the end-of-year Christmas parties have begun, and the end of the year is in sight!

My two favourite FAVE-ourite things about November are:

1. We start thinking about Christmas and Jesus' birth, the birth of a perfect King 2012 (approx) years ago. At our church we have a big 'Jesus birthday party' on christmas eve with a giant cake and lots of fun involved.  But in November we begin to teach the historical story of His birth both at school and in church to the kids, and at home we explore it with our own children.  If you are privileged enough to be one of these teachers or to be a parent, its in November that we start to get excited and to want to share your excitement with everyone....

2. And because of all of the above, my creative juices go bananas and I go slightly crazy with wool and paper and sticks and twine. The girls join in and we set about making our christmas a handmade one.

This November I jumped on board with Stacey from the gorgeous pilgrim styling to post a #creationaday on Instagram for the month. I knew I'd be making things almost daily anyway! Pop over to her amazing blog for some inspiration. Here are some of my makes...

My Crochet Star Frame tutorial/pattern is here.

And my 7 and 4 yr old girls have been having fun too..

I've written a full tutorial for this crochet star frame here.

I've missed a few days but not due to lack of creativity, more lack of time to finish and post a picture.  One day I made a yummy pizza, the next an advent calendar, then a giant star made from old fence pailings....

November is not over yet.... 
I hope I've inspired you even just a little :)

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